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Yale Car Decal

Yale Car Decal

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Instructions for application:

1.clean surface with alcohol or soap and water to remove oils and dirt

2. rub the paper backing to ensure the decal is securely on the clear transfer sheet

3. peel off the clear transfer sheet from the paper backing with the decal (peel slowly) if the design is still stuck to the paper backing, lay the design back down to the paper backing and rub the back again 

4. Place the decal on the surface you would like (do not apply to hot or wet surfaces and do not peel back up if you placed it incorrectly, it will tear the design) 

5. rub the clear transfer sheet before removing it to ensure the UV decal is adhered to the surface.

6. peel the clear transfer sheet off slowly & all done!

if you see parts of the design lifting simply push the design down more with your finger. 

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